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Clubs are to enforce this code of ethics. Any swimmer not willing to abide by this Code must notify the Selection Committee who will take this fact into account for further selections.
1. Swimmers will report to the Team Manager on arrival at the Gala for which they have been selected.
2. Swimmers will abide by instructions issued by the Team Manager.
3. Swimmers are to sit together as a team after warm-up.
4. No swimmer is to leave the Gala until the end without the special permission of the Team Manager. This is to ensure that swimmers are available for later events and relays in the event of illness of one of the swimmers.
5. Swimmers are to wear NMBA costumes, black caps and the NMBA jacket with a black tracksuit pants.
6. Selected swimmers chosen to represent NMBA who without good and sufficient reason, refuse to comply with the agreements of the Federation for attending such matches, shall be guilty of misconduct and any affiliated body or member thereof who may be proved to have encouraged or instigated such swimmer to commit a breach of such rule, shall be deemed guilty of a similar offence and dealt with accordingly.
7. Parents are to refrain from complaining to the Team Manager about selection. This is done by the Selection Committee taking into account all available facts and ensuring the best balanced team is chosen.
8. All Clubs will be responsible for the orderly conduct of their members and Club supporters and in the event of any unruly behaviour or interference with any of the officials in the execution of their duties, the incident will be reported in writing to the Disciplinary Committee by the Referee.

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